Project Description

Pebble Stones in Bangalore:

Pebble Stones are natural stones, which are made smooth, round stones by the action of water.  In other words, the output of erosion effect.  Natural stones get displaced from mountains by strong winds or water flow and gets smoother and rounder by water or sand actions.  Generally, you can find pebble stones on the beaches or in the rivers.  Its size will be of 2 to 64 millimeters.

It is most loved stones in the world.  They add tons of beauty if you decorate using it.

Pebbles cab be used for both interior and exterior decoration.  They are ideal for a pet rock.

Mostly used in decorating gardens, living rooms, aquariums, etc.

Being a top-notch supplier of natural stones tiles, we offer super quality, attractive natural pebble stones in Bangalore, India, even throughout the world upon request, which adds intangible beauty to your interior and exterior decorations.